commercial services

We are a leading provider of high-efficiency packaged rooftop units, split systems, HVAC controls, furnaces and indoor air quality products for the commercial industry. You can rely on our technicians to provide on-time, expert service, at a great value.

We are certified experts for brands such as Carrier, Lennox, Rheem, Bryant, Liebert, Trane, Payne, Goodman, York, and many more. Our engineers for commercial air conditioning and heating repairs are qualified to provide service with professionalism and expertise. Give us a call and let us earn your trust by providing you with exceptional service today.

When it comes to commercial air conditioning or heating, you can count on AirTech Air conditioning for same day repair, servicing all brands and models, with coverage throughout the Miami-Dade and Broward counties.

With our help, we are able to provide you with a safe and healthy environment to work in. Providing services like repairs, installations, replacement, maintenance, and duct cleaning, we are able to help with many various requests. Whatever you may need help in, give us a call and we can come up with a solution to help you.

  • Air Conditioning Units
  • Indoor Air Quality Diagnostics
  • Duct Leak Test and Sealing
  • Service, Repair and Maintenance
  • Central Air Conditioning Installation
  • Central Heating Installation
  • Air Conditioning Repair
  • Furnace Repair
  • Packaged Unit Installation
  • Thermostat Installation/ Replacement
  • Indoor Air Quality Systems Installation
  • Comfort Controls Installation
  • Mini-Split AC Systems Installation

Air Conditioning. It's important to have a relaible cooling system that you can rely on to keep yourself, the people, and the things around you comfortable. Our skilled HVAC technicians are all trained to install, maintain and repair any air conditioner by most manufacturers.

Our comprehensive service evaluation will give you an affordable solution that can save you money on your energy bill, prevent future repairs and replacements, and extend the life of your air conditioning system.

Heating. Heating systems shouldn't be ignored until something breaks which leaves you without heat until fixed. If you are in need of a new furnace or heating system, you want to have a reliable HVAC company.

Relying on a company means that the company will install or fix your system quickly and accurately. Through preventative maintenance and scheduled service, we can guarantee not only that your heating system will have fewer breakdowns, but your energy bills will be lower.

Duct Cleaning. Without the proper cleaning and care for air ducts, the air quality indoors will become more poor. This means, constant circulation of pollutants and dust particles that may or can be harmful to your health.

Also, with proper care we are able to avoid any mold growth or any infestations building in the duct systems. We are able to help with this!

Mechanical Systems Services

We Service All Types of Equipment

Commercial & Industrial Chillers

  • Air and water-cooled
  • Space or process machines
  • Centrifugal, screw, scroll, reciprocating types of compressors
  • Cooling towers

Refrigerant Management

  • Refrigerant monitoring and reporting

Building Automation Systems Controls; pneumatic, electric, digital

Air Handling Units

  • VAV (variable air volume) boxes
  • Constant volume

Package Terminal Units
Water Source Heat Pumps
Rooftop Units

  • Exhaust
  • Make-up air


  • VWV (variable water source)
  • Constant volume
Compressed Air Systems
Variable Frequency Drives
Motor Control Centers


Like a car, an air conditioning or heating unit will malfunction over time.
Regular HVAC preventative maintenance is the best way to avoid trouble and low performance. Early maintenance can control your energy bill from getting out of control, and helps with avoiding system failure in severe weather.

What is Preventative Maintenance?
Preventative maintenance is a service provided by HVAC companies to keep your air conditioning and heating units running well. It is best to keep your systems tuned up annually as it will help prevent potential problems later on. With the proper maintenance. home or business owners can save up to 50%. Call the experts and make sure your air conditioning and heating units can take the heat.

Airtech Air Conditioning provides an annual air conditioning and heating tune-ups to thoroughly check your system.

A list of what we provide is below:

  • Check system functions, safety controls, and adjust operating sequence where appropriate, if needed
  • Inspect electrical components and connections
  • Ensure proper airflow and change air filters, as needed
  • Inspect pumps and motors and lubricate as needed
  • Examine belts, adjust and align if needed
  • Cleaning coils, pans, traps, and lines to prevent obstructions causing water damage
  • Cleaning evaporator and condenser coils
  • Check refrigerant levels
  • Clean and check dehumidifier
  • Cooling tower cleanings
  • Chiller annuals
  • and much more.

The Outcome of Preventative Maintenance.

  • Savings: Preventative maintenance typically more than pay for themselves through higher efficiency, less utility overpayment, and contractor discounts/offers.
  • Peace: With maintenance on the units, there will be fewer system failures and a longer life for your HVAC equipment. The more they are kept in shape, the longer they'll stand.
  • Continuity: Our technicians tends to get assigned the the same specific customers. That way, you will be comfortable with the technician working on the unit. Also, the technician can become more familiar with you and the equipment.
  • Priority: The customers that have a preventative maintenance agreement with us generally receive priority service.